Pre-Plant Prep: Q&A Webinar (Part 2)


It’s that time of year again! Time to pull out equipment, review manuals, and check your precision ag products. 

Raven understands that we all need a little refresher on equipment as we pull it out for spring application. This season we’re doing things a little differently. Instead of signing up for a webinar that you may or may not attend due to scheduling conflicts (or you just plain forgot), we’re releasing a series of videos on our YouTube channel for you to view BEFORE the live webinar. This allows you to view them on your own time and gather questions for us to answer on the live Q&A webinar date. 

The videos cover product updates and basic how-tos. We’ve released three additional videos between 8-15 minutes in length covering AccuBoom, AutoBoom, and SmarTrax. This format allows us to cover more topics, allows you to send in more questions, and provides enough time during the live Q&A webinar to answer those questions.

Please email your questions to and join us on Thursday, March 30 for the live Q&A. To join the webinar, use the link above.

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