AccuFlow™ & AccuFlow HP™ Plus

Raven’s Advanced Anhydrous Ammonia Cooler System

Raven has raised NH3 application technology to new levels of performance with the AccuFlow Vortex cooler and AccuFlow HP (high performance) Plus. Both models use super cooling technology to stabilize NH3 as a liquid for superior accuracy and control. This pre-assembled system is the epitome of time-savings. The AccuFlow Vortex allows you to apply more anhydrous at faster speeds and cooler temperatures, with less weight on the toolbar.

For even greater capacity and precise application, utilize the AccuFlow HP Plus system, which includes the Vortex cooler and a dynamically controlled pump. The unique AccuFlow HP Plus pump is designed for maximum performance and safety.

Single Conventional Cooler 30 GPM
AccuFlow Vortex Cooler 50 GPM
AccuFlow HP Plus with Vortex Cooler 80 GPM

*Results may vary depending on your system and set up.

Utilize AccuFlow™ Vortex to its full potential with these Raven enhancements:

  • Viper Pro™ with HP Plus
  • Switch Pro™
  • SCS 5000™
  • SCS 4400™
  • SCS 4600™
  • SCS 440™
  • SCS 450™
  • SCS 460™
  • SCS 660™
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