SBGuidance AutoPlough

AutoPlough adjusts the plough width cylinder to continually keep it on the required width. The cylinder is operated by an electrohydraulic valve. For ease of operation, additional sensors can be mounted to automate (dis)engagement of the system. 

AutoPlough is a perfect complement to the SBGuidance Auto steering system. Experience has proved that machine auto steer works more effectively during spring cultivations when the driving lines are exactly the same as the plough lines. Implement deviation is significantly reduced.

How it works

Using your Viper® 4 field computer, both tractor and plough have their own GPSantenna to read their position, independently controlling the tractor from the plough. The tractor is hydraulically steered by SBGuidance Auto. The plough has its own active hydraulic steering, so that the furrow will be straight. Especially on variegated soil where the plow width is less constant, the on-land ploughing solution makes it easier for the plough to steer parallel to the furrow.

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