SmarTrax™ & SmarTrax™ RTK

Relax while you cover more ground with faster, more efficient applications

The more acres you farm, the more you'll appreciate SmarTrax and SmarTrax RTK assisted steering.

This unique hydraulic-assisted steering system enhances high speed operation by offering faster  line acquisition, correction for changes in soil condition and implement pull. SmarTrax and SmarTrax RTK offer across-the-board GPS compatibility, 3D terrain compensation and automatic system calibration along with:

  • RTK accuracy and repeatability from year to year
  • Best-in-class operating speeds for covering more ground faster
  • Compatible with many steer-ready machines
  • Multiple kits available to fit all modern tractor types
  • Slingshot®-compatible RTK correction signals

SmarTrax™ and SmarTrax™ RTK are compatible with the following:

SmarTrax RTK offers 3D terrain compensation for maximum accuracy and repeatability, automatically adjusting for tractor roll, pitch and yaw.


Assisted-Steering Precision Table
GPS Signal Pass-to-Pass Accuracy Raven Assisted Steering
RTK Sub-Inch SmarTrax RTK
Satellite GS 2-4 Inches SmarTrax
Slingshot® GS 5-6 Inches SmarTrax
WAAS/EGNOS 6-8 Inches SmarTrax
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