Two innovative companies join forces to take precision ag technology to the next level

Two innovative companies join forces to take precision ag technology to the next level

Since 1978, Raven Industries has helped create, define and redefine precision agriculture. We are a technology company that is dedicated to delivering groundbreaking new ideas and precision ag products to growers worldwide. Now with European headquarters in the Netherlands, Raven is expanding our global footprint by welcoming SBG Precision Farming to our family. View our press release.

SBG offers advanced GPS steering systems that meet the growing expectations of progressive farmers in all expanses of agriculture. A commitment to hard-work and excellence, along with a solid foundation in the ag industry, makes SBG a premier GPS provider, and the ideal fit for Raven.

As a team, we will work to help farmers feed the growing world population by focusing on innovation, product quality, high performance and a commitment to service excellence. Together, we put growers in control and make precision ag simple.

The Raven System Solution

Raven offers a choice of multi-function field computers to control and improve virtually every farming function with ease. Our field computers operate auto-steering, automatic section controls, automatic boom height, planter controls, yield monitoring, variable rate applications, record-keeping, and mapping.

These systems allow growers to automatically eliminate skips and overlaps, plant different seeds in different areas of the fields, and control seeding rates and seed spacing by row or section. Various Raven products in this category support multi-hybrid planting, variable rate seeding, RTK sub-inch accuracy, air seeding, and on-off planter control by section.

Raven boom controls automatically set boom height and section control during application. Growers get faster and more accurate spraying while avoiding no-spray areas and eliminating skips and overlaps. Raven offers several boom control products to meet specific needs.

Raven’s guidance and assisted steering systems use auto-steering for increased precision and accuracy. These products help reduce driver fatigue and stress, and also compensate for variations in terrain. From sub-meter GPS receivers and lightbar systems to the most advanced automatic steering systems with repeatable sub-inch RTK corrections, our features are the industry’s best.

Raven produces the most respected application control systems in the world. Our systems include ISOBUS product control, control consoles, control valves, flow meters, fluid transfer systems, NH3 applications and direct injection systems.

Yield monitoring accurately records and displays crop and moisture data. Growers can use this information to better understand each area of their fields and to make decisions on seed, fertilizer and chemical application.

Connect Slingshot to a field computer and get full access to an entire system of RTK correction signals, online services, data management, and instant in-field support and service.

SBG Precision Farming: Performing Perfection

The GeoSTAR 250 display forms the heart of all SBG products. The large screen gives you a clear view of all functions and enables you to take control with ease. Whether it is tractor steering, TWIN steering, section control or GPS-levelling, all are fully integrated into the GeoSTAR 250 display. The GeoSTAR 250 has many additional options, including an extensive crop registration, recording height maps and a special module to set up trial fields or create grid patterns.

SBG has a remarkable guidance portfolio, which includes auto steering, twin-implement steering, twin disc-coulter steering, and auto-plough. Each element of SBG’s industry leading steering line-up allows you to fully concentrate on the operation.

All SBG steering systems utilize the most accurate GPS technology available: RTK-DGPS. To gain the full benefit of your RTK steering system, you must have a reliable correction signal. This RTK signal can be produced in different ways, including a permanent RTK-base station, SBG’s SmartBase, or through an RTK Network service.

SBG SmartSwitch is an expansion that fits on the Geo-STAR 250 terminal. It’s the ideal assistant, ensuring that every corner of your field is planted or sprayed perfectly without overlaps or skips. SBG SmartSwitch is accurate and reliable, making your job simple.

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