Precision Application

Issues with Conventional, Flow Based Spraying

Not controlling each nozzle by pressure can lead to misapplication when the machine turns.

The outer end of the boom can travel up to three times the speed of the machine or inside of the boom when turning.

The inside of the boom gets too much product and the outside of the boom doesn’t get enough – both instances are problematic for your crops.

Nozzles and tips are limited in range and effectiveness when used with conventional flow based product control, forcing you to:

  • Limit machine speed based on nozzle selection, or
  • Have a less effective application at certain speeds

Strictly flow based spraying does not take into account boom pressure, which at lower and higher speeds will impact spray pattern.

Without turn compensation, you can over or under apply across the width of the boom, affecting the yield in that area of the field. Over applying leads to chemical burned crops, while under applying leads to more pests.



The Hawkeye® Nozzle Control System uses turn compensation to minimize over and under applications.



Importance of Precision Application

  • Ineffective spray application allows insects, weed pressure, or disease to damage crop yield potential.
  • Wrong or incorrect application rate can stress or damage crop.
  • Spray drift into adjacent fields results in unintended application and crop damage.
  • Proper application ensures chemical costs are minimized with less need for re-spraying.

Importance of Boom Height Control

  • Having the boom too high can lead to spray drift.
  • Having the boom too law can damage crops.
  • Damaging the boom when running into the ground is a costly fix and causes machine downtime.
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