ROI Questions to Consider

Why is a 5% to 10% reduction of spray overlap important to you?

It not only gives you a chemical cost savings of 5% to 10%, but also reduces damage from double application to your crops which increases your yield potential.

How much is it costing you to send a machine back to a field to fix a misapplication?

Turn compensation dramatically reduces one of the most common causes of weed resistance and non-kill areas in a field by under applying as you maneuver through the field. This leaves you with more chemicals to manage and more trips back to the field to address previous jobs.

How much are field claims costing you each year due to sprayer drift or misapplication?

The real time adjustments an operator makes directly affects your business. Hawkeye’s ability to increase the range, control the spray pattern, and droplet size to manage drift more effectively, distributes the appropriate rate across the boom while maneuvering through the field; all which provide a better coverage and kill on your target weeds.

Why would providing a wider operating range out of your existing nozzles give you an ROI?

Hawkeye extends the range out of your nozzle tips while keeping your droplet size and spray pattern consistent. This allows the operator to drive to the field conditions by extending the limitations set by his machine.

How can I reduce yield loss due to misapplication?

Traditional pressure- or speed-based systems are vulnerable to inconsistent applications. Hawkeye provides a wider operating range along with consistent rates and spray patterns, which reduces negative effects on yield.

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