Total Boom Control

Have confidence in your application with a completely integrated system

Product Control

One Display Controls It All

Consider the Viper® 4+ field computer as your command center. Viper 4+ connects all your application technology so you can monitor your application with ease; and a fully integrated system means you’ll only need one display in the cab.

  • Displays the correct rate from the RCM
  • Monitors proper nozzle application from the Hawkeye system
  • Monitors the correct section or nozzle shut-off via mapping
  • Shows machine guidance, swath coverage, and acre count
  • Shows the total amount of product applied, including the chemical
  • Monitors the boom height
  • Provides the optional feature of weather conditions such as temperatures, wind speed, and humidity – all required for certain herbicide applications

Rate Control

Trust Your Technology

This may seem obvious but if the proper rate is not applied it can lead to many issues. Three inputs are necessary for a correct rate: speed reading, boom measurement and sections, and flow reading from the flow meter. If any one of these inputs are wrong or missing, you’ll apply an incorrect rate or none at all.

Raven RCM and the Hawkeye ECU (Product Controller II) control valves and flow meters to ensure proper rate control. Along with the Viper 4+ and a boom/speed ECU, these technologies gather all the inputs, calculate them, and output the correct rate on the machine. You can trust that you are applying the right chemical, to the right place, at the right time.

Nozzle Control

Set Your Own Pace

Since weed resistance is driving the need for more effective and precise application of pesticides, nozzle control is important to consider when spraying.

Nozzles and tips are limited in range and effectiveness when used with a conventional flow-based system. Limits to this system can result in an inconsistent spray pattern due to changes in speed and pressure. In addition, strictly flow-based spraying does not consider boom pressure, which can impact spray pattern at both low and high speeds.

Hawkeye® Nozzle Control addresses these concerns. Each nozzle is controlled by using PWM (pulse width modulation) valves. The pulsing NCV (nozzle control valve) adapts to change in flow rates due to changes in speed to give you a consistent spray pattern while keeping pressure constant. So, you’re able to cover more acres in less time and receive extended range out of each nozzle.

In addition, Hawkeye can provide individual nozzle section shut off. This allows you to save even more on chemicals, reduce overlap and unnecessary application, and provide the most efficient coverage. Individual nozzle shut off provides higher ROI than traditional boom section configured systems.

Boom Height

Protect Your Investment

Boom height is important to reduce spray drift, crop damage, and equipment damage. If you’ve invested in any technology for your sprayer, like Hawkeye nozzle control, you certainly wouldn’t want to damage that equipment – especially the nozzle tips. Damaging the boom and the equipment on it can lead to downtime and costly fixes.

AutoBoom® XRT protects your investment with simultaneous ground and canopy detection to maintain optimal boom height. Patent-pending radar sensing technology and inertials allow for smooth movement and quicker reaction time. Center rack stability is enhanced by using dampers. All this gives the operator complete control and maximizes boom life.

Increase Your Productivity

Inconsistent boom height sacrifices spray efficacy which can lead to skips, drift, and overall poor coverage.

Boom height control allows you to go faster with the same spray efficacy as you would if you moved slower. AutoBoom XRT maintains optimal boom height to stay on target even though you are moving faster through the field. So, you’re able to spray more in less time.

Save crop damage, boom damage, and have confidence to go faster while maintaining optimal coverage and reduce drift with AutoBoom XRT.

Documentation and Connectivity

No Thumb Drives Required

Once you have completed your job, you can send the data back to the office wirelessly via Slingshot file transfer to reduce the risk of data loss.

Slingshot® is a suite of connected hardware, software, and logistical services that optimize planning, executing, and recording field applications. Slingshot also delivers unrivaled connectivity to RTK correction signals, online services, sophisticated data management capabilities, precision ag equipment and live in-field support and service.

In a nut-shell, Slingshot is a logistics software powerhouse. And now that we’ve added the AgSync suite of technologies, Slingshot is your complete source of performance and power.

Total integration of all these Raven products will not only give you the best experience but also provide the most features available for each product as they are all designed to perform together. You’ll get the best possible sprayer application needed for maximum results.

Gain confidence in your application. Contact us if you are interested in upgrading or completely integrating your system.