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Raven is dedicated to solving great challenges, including autonomy for agriculture. Raven Autonomy will change the ag technology landscape, helping ag professionals be safer, more efficient and ultimately run their operation with less reliance on human variabilities. Utilizing its market-leading solutions suite and strong commercial and technical relationships, Raven will pave the way in autonomous farming and transform ideas into concrete realities.

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The Autonomous Ecosystem

The Raven Autonomy ecosystem is about more than connecting services. It’s about strengthening the connection between the farmer and the farm. Driverless ag technology from Raven Autonomy puts the farmer on the path to achieve greater precision, efficiency, and consistency – so existing resources can be reallocated where they are needed most.

Raven Autonomy Connected Ecosystem

The Path to Autonomy

Raven Autonomy is your partner on the path to automating your farm operation. We offer a full range of autonomous ag technology solutions, starting with features that reduce driver fatigue and graduating up to full driverless automation.

No matter where you are on the path today, we’ll be here to grow with you far into the future.

Our Farm-Forward Mission

Raven Autonomy™ is the autonomous partner that grows with you on the path to full farm automation. Now, and far into the future.


AutoCart® lets the farmer operate the grain cart tractor from the cab of the harvester.

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Dot® is the answer to full farm automation with driverless operation and interchangeable implements.

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Partnership Opportunities

As we revolutionize the Dot platform, we are hungry for validation support partners and diverse implement prospects.

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How the AutoCart® Perception System is Made

AutoCart® is the first Driverless Ag Technology for grain cart harvest operations, and Raven officially opened pre-orders for the system​ last month! With AutoCart, the user can set a field plan, establish staging locations, adjust speeds, monitor location activity, and command the tractor pulling a grain cart to sync with the harvester. The harvester can offload on the go in the field, then return the tractor to a predetermined unloading area. All without a second driver. But how is AutoCart made? Here's a look behind the scenes of this revolutionary ag technology.​

Driverless Tractors Are Now a Reality

A new solution from Raven Industries is AutoCart, which allows an operator to control a driverless tractor and grain cart directly from the cab of a harvester and strategic positioning of carts along the route for better efficiency. This article originally appeared in the July 2020 issue of CropLife magazine.