Hawkeye® Nozzle Control System

Base Package Features

  • Nozzle-by-nozzle turn compensation minimizes over and under applications
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) valves give you:
    • Improved pressure consistency and reaction time across the boom, regardless of the flow rate or ground speed
    • Turn compensation
    • Fewer nozzle changes
  • Individual valve diagnostics monitor each nozzle
  • Up to 16 virtual sections providing more section control and higher ROI than traditional shut-off systems

Ease of Use

  • Fully integrated with machine application control systems
  • Simple installation, setup, and calibration
  • Fully integrated system means one display in the cab
  • Preset pressure settings allow for quick adjustments on the fly
  • Single ECU controls rate, pressure and section shutoff, providing:
    • The ability to switch between Hawkeye and conventional mode
    • Mapping and data logging of each nozzle for more accurate mapping and record-keeping

Bonus Features

  • Seal maintenance kit included with each system
  • Two-year warranty with registration
  • ISOBUS compatible

Sidekick Pro™ Direct Injection

  • Injects chemicals directly into the in-line mixing tube to eliminate pre-mixing and costly leftovers
  • Use up to 5 units on one machine, allowing easy switching between fields and applications with Hawkeye
  • Greater flexibility in applications to tackle weed resistance and other pest challenges



  • ISOBUS product controller for liquid, NH3 and dry applications
  • Easily navigate and manage multiple products, tallies, and sensor data
  • Diagnostic tests and reading to easily calibrate, tune and troubleshoot system
  • Compatible with ISOBUS Virtual Terminal and Task Controllers
  • Dynamically configure run screen based on operator preferences to show most relevant data during operation

RS1™ Guidance & Steering

  • Fully scalable GPS solution that combines autosteer, GPS, and Slingshot®
  • Incredible accuracy at both high and low speeds with quick line acquire
  • Enhanced Steering Performance in a wide range of terrain
  • Enhanced 3D compensation for rugged terrain
  • Compatible with both ISO Steer Ready and Raven Aftermarket Steering Controllers


Raven offers a choice of multi-function field computers to fit your operating needs. Field computers give you command, control and improve virtually every farming function with ease. Get more with variable rate applications, autosteering, automatic boom height and section controls, GPS-guided on-off planter controls, yield monitoring, record keeping, mapping, and wireless communications.

AutoBoom® Automatic Boom Height Control

  • Adjusts to optimal spray height to prevent drift or inconsistent droplet size
  • Pressure-based for smoother boom movements and adjustments
  • Increased efficiency with faster spraying speeds to cover more acres in less time
  • Sensors monitor boom distance from the ground for optimal height to prevent misapplication