Become a Raven Dealer


At Raven, our distributor and dealer network is the backbone of our organization and a driving force in our outstanding growth and success in major markets around the world. As a proven leader in precision agriculture and related technologies, we continue to grow and strengthen our product offerings in every category. From multi-function field computers, GPS guidance and assisted steering to advanced planter control systems, boom management, and every imaginable innovation for improving chemical applications. Ideally positioned to serve the growing agricultural market on virtually every continent, the possibilities are endless as a Raven dealer.

Profile for Success as a Raven Dealer:

  • Understands that customer satisfaction is the key to long-term success
  • Has good capitalization and financial resources
  • Employs qualified, well-trained and professional personnel
  • Upholds operating standards that promote and maintain a strong, focused dealer organization
  • Is a well-respected member of the community
  • Has strong management and leadership skills
  • Resides in a market area with strong sales potential for Raven brand products

If your dealership fits the profile of a Raven dealer, we’d love to hear from you.