Canada Account Managers

Our world-class team provides Raven distributors, dealers and other equipment manufacturers with industry-leading support in sales, training and other services in the field. They also serve as a valuable resource in helping to identify industry needs and opportunities for our product development and support/service teams to pursue.

With expertise in Canadian agriculture and precision ag technology, each member of the team is specially trained and uniquely qualified to ensure the very highest levels of support for Raven customers in the region. To contact a member of our team, please refer to the list below and the contact information that follows.

Ryan Molitor, Director of Sales & Marketing
Ryan.Molitor [at]

Jason Wierenga, Sales Manager
Jason.Wierenga [at]

Robyn Mitchell, Account Manager
Robyn.Mitchell [at]
Territory: British Columbia and Alberta

Chris Doucette, Account Manager
Chris.Doucette [at]
Territory: Saskatchewan

Steve Nahorney, Account Manager
Steve.Nahorney [at]
Territory: Manitoba

Doug Lunn, Account Manager
Doug.Lunn [at]
Eastern Canada Territory: Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island

Carolyn Thurman, Customer Support Supervisor
ATDSales [at]

Jacqui Bell, Customer Support Specialist
ATDSalesCanada [at]