United States

U.S. Account Managers

Raven Account Managers work closely with Raven distributors, dealers and OEMs across the country to make sure they have the tools and support they need to serve their customers with Raven brand products. Each territory Account Manager is part of an experienced team that includes a Precision Ag Specialist and a Customer Support Specialist to ensure superior service and availability at all times. To contact a member of our sales team, please refer to the list below and the contact information that follows.

Ryan Molitor

Director of Sales & Marketing

Nick Langerock

North America Sales & Marketing Manager

Josh Crimmins

Account Manager

Territory: Iowa and Missouri

Lane Jibben

Account Manager

Territory: Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii

Colby Phillips

Account Manager

Territory: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Shawn Yost

Account Manager

Territory: Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona

Carolyn Thurman, Customer Support Supervisor
ATDSales [at]

Becky Lyon, Customer Support Specialist
ATDSales [at]

Michelle Grimmius, Customer Support Specialist
ATDSales [at]

Shannon Browne, Customer Support Specialist
ATDSales [at]