Control Weeds Next Season with Consistent Spray Pattern

As you look back on your herbicide performance this season, there are some factors worth taking into consideration to improve the weed control you can achieve next season.

Proper tillage practices, thorough preemergence and postemergence residual herbicide programs and a commitment to an eradication mindset can enable you to attack weeds at all angles and keep them under control.

One component of this approach to weed management is chemical control, including efficient and precise application of pesticides.

Accurate Nozzle Control for Precise Application

Using optimized spray control systems gives applicators more accurate droplet size and coverage and more precise and consistent spray patterns, helping to achieve the proper application rate for maximum weed control. For example, the pressure-based control capabilities of Raven’s Hawkeye® 2 Nozzle Control system provides the following benefits:

  • Consistent droplet rate and size reduces drift and increases application quality.
  • Individual nozzle control with pulsing valves provides a consistent spray pattern as speed and conditions change as well as a reduction in skips and overlaps.
  • Automated nozzle-by-nozzle adjustment provides even distribution along the entire boom through turns to avoid under or over applying.

The Importance of Turn Compensation

Why is turn compensation so important? Without control of each nozzle by pressure, it’s easy to misapply when the machine turns. Without turn compensation, you can over or under apply across the width of the boom. Overapplying leads to chemical-burned crops, while underapplying leads to unacceptable levels of pest and weed control

The outer end of the boom can travel up to three times the speed of the machine or other boom sections when turning. Therefore, the inside of the boom gets too much product, and the outside of the boom doesn’t get enough; both instances are problematic for your crops.

Proper Application Rate with Hawkeye 2

To minimize over and under applications, Hawkeye 2’s turn compensation feature monitors the position of the sprayer, and once the unit starts to turn or make an arc, the individual nozzle valves adjust their duty cycle to maintain the proper flow for achieving the desired application rate across the entire boom.

Weed resistance is changing more about our programs than just which herbicides to use. The need for a consistent spray pattern to ensure complete coverage is vital.