Go for the Gold with Slingshot®


Slingshot® Gold is a win for your entire operation

What does 20% more efficiency look like in your operation? An upgrade to Slingshot® Gold gives you the vision, analytics, insights, and instant communication needed to maximize your uptime, make more efficient equipment decisions, and increase yields. Here’s what you gain from an upgrade:

  • Instant communication of a job’s coverage and guidance information between multiple machines with Job Sync.
  • Real-time work updates, keeping you in the loop as jobs near completion with Job Sync Live Web View.
  • Seamless information on all your machines in one place with Slingshot Fleet Analytics, helping you make informed decisions to gain efficiencies and extend your machine’s application life.
  • Data-driven efficiencies at your fingertips with Machine View: real-time updates on machine hours, DEF, fuel, and product levels.
  • Detailed equipment data to help extend your machine’s application life.

Upgrading to Slingshot Gold has benefitted our company by giving us the versatility to overcome obstacles in the field and the data visibility to find areas where we need to improve operationally.

— Joel Folgate, Operations Manager, Stephenson Service Company

Each Slingshot® Gold-exclusive feature changes the way you collaborate, allocate resources, and lead your operation more effectively. Here’s how each tool in your Slingshot® Gold toolkit helps you accomplish 20% more:

Job Sync: Share your jobs. Eliminate Guesswork.

As an applicator, nothing’s more frustrating than trying to figure out where to begin operating after an interruption, or — if there are multiple machines in the field — trying to guess where the other guy is spraying or chiseling. Job Sync, a Slingshot® Gold exclusive feature, solves both issues with live machine-to-machine communication.

I love Job Sync’s live coverage of machines in the fields — being able to see where the other applicators are in real-time. I like being able to know that no matter where you stop on a job — no matter what the event is — knowing that the next person can pick up where you left off, eliminating the “guessing game” as to where they started or where they ended. Being able to share orders, your A-B line, and heading line with another machine makes the job flow as if it’s one machine.

— Neal Hiemstra, Agronomy Logistics Manager, Agtegra Cooperative

Job Sync eliminates overlap and inaccurate application after interruptions by logging real-time work updates that are accessible whether you’re in the cab or in the office (via Live Web View). Its machine-to-machine communication capabilities allow you to deploy two or more machines of any color in perfect concert, giving you more labor management options and empowering your fleet to cover more in one day. Get more done with your existing fleet by upgrading to Slingshot® Gold.

Upgrading to Slingshot Gold was an easy business decision once we got it running in a few machines. The most vital piece is that we are sharing jobs. Being able to have two floaters or sprayers in the field at the same time, with the same AB line, done by 5:00 p.m. — rather than having one guy in the field during the day and another one not coming home until 8 p.m. or later — is very important.

— Emily Mootz, YieldPoint Specialist, CHS

Fleet Analytics: Track Application Data, Seamlessly.

When you’re in the field, every minute counts. Inefficient machines and processes are inexcusable when you have limited labor available for a limited time. As the old adage says, “time is money” — make sure you’re not wasting it with Slingshot® Fleet Analytics.

This robust reporting tool provides insight on an operation’s entire fleet and system. Analyze your Slingshot work orders and report back on data such as acres covered or machine usage. In addition, notifications alert users on system events tied to any Raven hardware connected to the machine. The alerts are completely customizable by user type, criticality, location, and system. Fleet Analytics gives you:

  • Complete visibility of your operation.
  • Seamless information on all your machines in one place.
  • Detailed equipment data to help extend your machine’s application life.

Seamlessly being able to track data and find previous jobs in the platform — rather than chasing down USB drives or dealing with paperwork — actually prevented a possible dual application in the field for us. Having the reminders and synchronized data in the field helps us optimize our operation.

— Emily Mootz, YieldPoint Specialist, CHS

If inefficient machines and processes are hurting your bottom line, use Slingshot Fleet Analytics to find out how you can:

Be proactive with in-depth machine information.

  • Review machine data – application time, acres, transit time, idle time.
  • Prevent problems before they arise.
  • Compare machine to machine information.
  • Consider employee factors such as fatigue and workload.
  • Reallocate most efficient equipment and applicator to top of the list.

Be more efficient with your application time.

  1. Review machine idle and application time.
  2. If your idle time is high, consider pairing with additional tender deliveries to reduce wait times.

Machine View: Data-Driven Efficiencies at your Fingertips

A smooth application comes to a sudden stop when a machine runs out of fuel, product, or DEF — delaying the job and potentially derailing your entire day’s schedule. This makes it more difficult to track accurate machine hours, impacting your equipment decisions.

Machine View prevents this incident from happening in the first place. With real-time updates on machine hours, DEF, fuel, and product levels, a quick look at the data gives you the information and insights you need to optimize your fleet. Now, you’re able to prepare a second machine to take over or supply more product when levels are low. You’re also able to see exactly where each machine is in real time — keeping you and your customers in the loop on application progress. This live, at-your-fingertips view of your operation gives you the tools to make decisions that drive real efficiencies.

We like to see the live view of the units in the field. Machine View allows us to take a quick glance at the progress and let the next customers know how soon the machine will be coming to spread fertilizer in case they are wanting to chisel.

— Joel Folgate, Operations Manager, Stephenson Service Company

Go for the gold — Upgrade or renew today

With Job Sync, Fleet Analytics, and Machine View, a Slingshot® Gold subscription gives you the visibility, connectivity, insights, and machine-to-machine communication that make your equipment and jobs 20% more efficient. When you go for the Gold subscription, you are securing a win for your entire operation. Contact your Raven dealer to upgrade to Slingshot® Gold or renew your subscription today.