Three Software Partners Team Up for a Best-in-Class Solution

A unique partnership combines three pieces of software to create one solution for Raven precision ag customers.


Raven is one of three software partners that teamed up to deliver one solution for Precision Agriculture. Raven Slingshot provides a flexible, scalable and Connected Workflow™ for customers. Paired with FieldReveal, a precision ag software that helps manage field data and provide recommendations, and AgVance, a well-known accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, this single solution is known as the “trifecta” around Raven’s Headquarters.

“We listen to our customers, and we hear this a lot from the ag industry: ‘We want a single system to do everything. We don’t want to switch between platforms — we want a single solution.’”

— Helen Hoffman, Slingshot Sales Specialist


Because of our commitment to details, Raven offers the most extensive list of integrations and connections. This allows us to seamlessly connect all three software technologies into one solution that drives:

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Quality Data
  • Certainty

Combining Raven’s software capabilities and high-quality hardware provides a Connected Workflow™ that syncs operations from the office to the field. This technology allows you to see your business differently, find new ways of running it and maximize your bottom line.


“We believe now that what we want is more than a single solution — we want a best-in-class solution,” said Neal Hiemstra, Agronomy Logistics Manager. “We want to establish partners to deliver the very best software functions through APIs to create a product that is unbeatable. And we believe that the three we have selected will do that for us. We are excited to drive another layer of efficiency for our company.”

The trifecta single solution launched March 31 and continues to function very well. Bi-weekly meetings were held between Agtegra and software partners to facilitate communication during the development phase. There is ongoing messaging with the partners and Agtegra post launch to keep everyone in tune with the integration. Clear and consistent communication will continue to be the key to success.

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