What Would a 20% Increase in Overall Efficiency Mean for You?


The newest addition to the Slingshot platform enabling the industry’s first and truly complete Connected Workflow

Dispatch Pro™, the scheduling program that integrates easily into the Raven Connected Workflow™, is designed to manage multiple people and machines across all your locations. With Dispatch Pro, ag retailers and farm operation managers eliminate misapplication by ensuring the operators are in the right fields with the right job. This allows increased control and better and more efficient decision making.

Connected Workflow

Assigning work in a specific order helps with efficient application.

“Dispatch Pro is a complete refresh on how users schedule and dispatch jobs through the field,” says Chad Biegler, Raven Program Manager. “Within Slingshot™, Dispatch Pro coordinates what machines are where, and what orders are coming back. It also organizes completion records and any logged notes about things like temperature, humidity, wind direction, rate, etc.”

20 Percent Gain in Operational Efficiency

Dispatch Pro interfaces with the Raven Connected Workflow™ solution, further increasing efficiency and accuracy of application for an improved bottom line. The Connected Workflow, which also includes AgSync™, Slingshot portal, Viper 4®+ and the recently released Fleet Tracking™ creates more visibility, control, and accuracy of all functions across the entire operation, regardless of size or number of locations.

“Dispatch Pro is helpful because we have a really spread-out territory, an hour and half east to west,” says Nick Larsen of Stateline Cooperative, located in North Central Iowa. “The program makes it easy to tell when one territory is working, and one is not. Now, with Dispatch Pro we can leverage those idle machines from one location to another for optimal efficiency.”

Retailers using the platform have experienced an average of 20-percent gain in operational efficiency, by optimizing their planning and work order generation, dispatching, field application, and invoice creation.

Replace Your Wall Map with Dispatch Pro

The program shows users the status of in-route, idle, and active equipment. Orders can be sorted easily within the platform and removing or reassigning an order from a certain machine is as simple as clicking a checkbox. Dispatchers can also match specific workers to various machines and track the equipment on the interactive field map. Applicators will immediately see their assigned work via their Viper 4+ or the Raven Field Ops app, adding another level of efficiency.

Connected Workflow

Dispatch Pro lets you easily reallocate work to available machines.

“Without Dispatch Pro we would have to use a wall map to make the most efficient use of equipment and logistics, routing our machines daily, which can consume many hours of your day,” Larsen says. “Dispatch Pro cuts the time substantially, just click and drag workorders to equipment.”

“With these solutions, not only can users see the field, but they can also see the positions of other people inside their fleet,” Biegler says. “An applicator often wants to know where their tender truck is, because that tender might go out to a field two three four times, or the applicator might go to the next field and prepare for them. “

“Your dispatcher is not only coordinating what jobs get sent down to the machine but is also continuing to keep those machines working with product,” he continues. “With Fleet Tracking and Dispatch Pro, we’re able to put all those machines on the same path without manual coordination.”

API Technology Allows Seamless Integration with Other Software Systems

Together, the seamless platforms in The Connected Workflow create the front-end and back-end connection to the retailer’s existing operating and agronomy systems to create a closed-loop, integrated portfolio of services. The Connected Workflow can function as a stand-alone offering or plug into existing systems as needed via a robust offering of APIs or custom software integrations — many of which are already completed for the most popular systems ag retailers are utilizing today.

Raven’s first integration in Dispatch Pro will be with EFC Systems’ Merchant Ag, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, will empower users to connect with the agribusiness supply chain, from wholesalers and retailers to growers.

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