Consistent boom height is important to combating weed resistance for three reasons: to reduce uneven spray dispersion if the boom is too low, to reduce spray droplet drift if the boom is too high and to reduce damage to the boom or crop if the boom is on uneven terrain. A recent study found that Raven AutoBoom® XRT holds the boom closer to the target height with less variability, ensuring consistency.

With drivers in short supply, having a cart at the ready isn’t always easy. Raven Autonomy’s new Driverless Ag Technology, AutoCart, allows an operator to control a driverless tractor and grain cart directly from the cab of the harvester. This article originally appeared on in May 2021.

Dispatch Pro™, the scheduling program that integrates easily into the Raven Connected Workflow™, manages multiple people and machines across locations. Ensuring the operators are in the right fields with the right job maximizes efficiency and accuracy. This article originally appeared on in March 2021.

Raven Autonomy™ is changing the way farmers farm with Driverless Ag Technology that is safe, efficient, and relies less on humans. The automated grain cart function is completely attainable right now. Welcome to autonomous farming with Raven. This article originally appeared on on January 27, 2021.

The Hawkeye 2 Nozzle Control System adds individual nozzle control and increased flow for better accuracy. Full Canopy guidance “sees” rows so operators don’t have to. This article originally appeared in the November 2020 issue of CropLife magazine.