Preflight Checklist

As a member of our Top Gun program, you now have access to our Preflight Service. We will come to you to check your Raven-branded application equipment and software to help you with season readiness. This program is designed to help retailers ensure uptime during critical application periods. While we understand not every problem can be prevented, there is no doubt that proper maintenance, updates, and pre-season checks can alleviate some issues from occurring when it’s most important for machines to be operating.

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What You’ll Receive

During the off-season, a certified Raven technician (either a Raven employee or contractor), will make a service/consulting visit to the location(s) signed up in the program. The technician will check Raven systems to see if they are up to date with the latest software, check functionality, make software updates, and review equipment fleet for potential upgrades or enhancements that could be made.

What We’ll Do

During the visit the technician will conduct a full check and update of the Raven systems. Below is a list of examples of the checks and services that will be provided:

  • Prior to visit, review any logged cases with the retailer location and make follow up recommendations to improve the experience or eliminate future occurrences
  • Update all Raven field computers, nodes, ECUs, NCVs and other equipment to the latest revision, ensuring consistency across the entire fleet
  • Calibrate SmarTrax and AutoBoom
  • Provide operator training to your team, including operators, fleet managers and anyone who would benefit from setup and operational training, including settings adjustments and basic troubleshooting
  • Upon request we can review your Slingshot hierarchy setup for you different machines and locations to best serve your operation. If you need help making those adjustments, we can assist
  • If you have questions on API, software compatibility or functionality we will add those to the on-site training or we can schedule a call (with the Slingshot NOC and/or the API partner) to go over options for Software while you're in the office

How much will it cost?

Number of MachinesPrice per Machine (USD)
3 - 5$325
6 - 10$250
11 - 15$200
Number of LocationsTotal Location Fee (USD)

Example Scenario

If you have 8 machines that you want inspected and are spread across 2 locations, you would pay:

$2,000 (8 machines * $250) + $750 (fee for 2 locations) = $2,750

We suggest if you have multiple machines across several locations to consolidate them to as few locations as you can.

Interested in Preflight Service?

Policies & Guidelines

  1. Pre-flight Checklist will occur during the off-season. Starting, operating, spraying and driving the machines may be difficult during this time period. The Raven technician will make the best possible efforts given the environment and facilities that the retailer has on site.
  2. Equipment repairs are not covered under the base pricing. Additional charges will be discussed with the primary contact prior to making them.
  3. OEM branded components will be updated to the latest approved software/firmware for that component.
  4. If the Raven technician is unable to perform certain updates while on site, the technician may send components to an authorized repair and warranty center. As long as the item was functional prior to the appointment, these charges will be covered.
  5. Enrollment is a first-come, first serve basis. Participants may be limited.