AccuFlow™ & AccuFlow HP™ Plus

Industry leading anhydrous ammonia application system

Raven has raised anhydrous ammonia (NH3) application technology to new levels of performance with the AccuFlow Vortex cooler and AccuFlow HP (high performance) Plus. Both models use super cooling technology to stabilize NH3 as a liquid for superior accuracy and control.

Paired with your Raven control system, AccuFlow Vortex super cooling NH3 technology replaces the dual cooler system to give you superior accuracy and control over your applications for higher yields, less waste and lower input costs.

Raven’s advanced NH3 cooler system is now available in stainless steel and with more capacity options!

AccuFlow Vortex
1-inch Valve
AccuFlow Vortex
1 ½-inch Valve
AccuFlow HP Plus
with Vortex Cooler
Capacity Range*3-30+ GPM3-50 GPM3-80 GPM
Weight190 lbs196 lbs280 lbs
Tractor Hydraulic Requirement----12 GPM @ 2,000 PSI
System Working Pressure250 PSI
Cooler Relief Valve Setting350 PSI
Temperature Range-30° to +120° F
Strainer Screen40 mesh stainless steel
Fast Valve Open/Close Time≤ 2 seconds
System Voltage12-14.5 VDC

*Systems were tested at 40°F and 60 tank PSI (Fall conditions).

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HP Plus System

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