Boom Recirculation™ System

Fully automated boom prime with a touch of a button

Boom Recirculation

Boom Recirculation uses add-on hardware to aid in efficient clean out of the boom and plumbing system. By circulating liquid from the outside tip of the boom and back to the center section, product settling is reduced and waste is eliminated.

Boom Prime

Boom Prime prepares each individual nozzle, beginning on the outside of the boom. Nozzles are opened in timed sections, each one purging remaining chemical before moving down to the next section on the boom until boom priming is complete.

I would definitely recommend anyone to use this. We’ll have up to 5 different mixtures for a rice field and you go to the next and it’s different. We really benefit from using the Raven Boom Recirculation System to recirculate it back to the tank and have a fresh boom when you’re ready to take off without dumping chemical.

— Lance Lamb, Arkansas

Optimize use of chemical through boom priming and boom recirculation

  • Prime a sprayer boom with minimal application of product, eliminating waste and protecting the environment
  • Achieve uniform and correct product application by reducing settling of product throughout the machine
  • Increase uptime with a simple and efficient boom

Seamlessly integrated

  • Activate Boom Prime on your machine with a simple software upgrade, included with Hawkeye® (no unlock required)
  • No additional rate controller or display required