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Raven RFM flow meters are compatible with most chemicals and liquids. A turn down ratio of 50:1 makes any flow meter in the RFM series an ideal choice for most agricultural and industrial applications. With a wide variety of flow capacities and housing, turbine, shaft and bearing materials, we're sure to have a flow meter to match your application needs.

For monitoring liquid and manure applications, our Magmeter Series is specially designed without turbines so you won’t miss a beat. Both RFM and Magmeter flow meters are programmed to run flawlessly with all Raven consoles, field computers and control area network (CAN) systems.

Flow MeterFlow RateMaterialFittings
RFM 50.1-5 GPMStainless Steel1/4" NPT
RFM 150.3-15 GPMPolyM200 Flanged/1-1/2" NPT
RFM 60S1-60 GPMStainless Steel1-1/2" NPT
RFM 60P1-60 GPMPolyM200 Flanged/1-1/2" NPT
RFM 1005-100 GPMPolyM220 Flanged/2" NPT
RFM 100P3-100 GPMPolyM200 Flanged
RFM 20015-200 GPMCast Iron3" NPT
RFM 200P15-200 GPMPolyM300 Flanged/3" NPT
Magmeter-3"22-995 GPMStainless Steel/TeflonANSI B16.5
Magmeter-4"35-1493 GPMStainless Steel/TeflonANSI B16.5
Magmeter-6"70-3000 GPMStainless Steel/TeflonANSI B16.5