Hawkeye® 2 Nozzle Control

The most accurate nozzle control system in the industry

Interested in adding Hawkeye 2 to your operation?

The most precise nozzle control system, Hawkeye® 2 ensures accurate droplet coverage up to 2.5 times more accurate out of the tip than comparable systems. It provides consistency across the boom which ensures precise droplet coverage, optimizing input costs. And Raven’s legacy of performance and support means less downtime and more acres covered in a day.

The next generation nozzle control valve (NCV) builds upon the previous system: individual nozzle control reduces skips and overlaps; consistent droplet rate and size reduces drift and increases application quality; and turn compensation minimizes over and under application, achieving the ideal application rate across the boom.

Hawkeye 2’s scalable platform sets up your operation for years of success
  • Base Package
    • PWM enabled with 16 virtual sections
    • Turn Compensation
    • Blockage Detection (go/no-go)
  • Premium Package
    • Individual nozzle control up to 192 sections when paired
      with compatible field computer

After running Hawkeye 2 for a season, I’m 100% convinced it was the right way to go. We mapped and sprayed across every waterway – the individual nozzle control worked great. Our usage of chemical was down as well as productivity increased a lot.

— Lance Bell, Operator, Weldon, IA

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250% More Accurate than Competitors

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