Raven Run Blockage Module

Pair with the RCM for the ultimate seeding experience

Features & Benefits

  • Support for up to 240 FlowSense™ seed/fertilizer sensors
  • Dust compensated optical technology allows for minimal cleaning during a season
  • Can be configured as a standalone system via iPad and/or ISOBUS system
  • True section awareness, intelligent feedback when paired with Raven Rate Control Module
  • Will produce seed count and row by row distribution bar chart display using iPad
  • Customizable run time layout using the iPad interface
  • Supportive of 1.25-inch (32 mm) hose size
  • FlowSense™ sensor has integrated status LED providing instant feedback for troubleshooting

Pair with RCM for in-cab display visibility of each seed run with integrated section awareness

  • ISOBUS Universal Terminal and Task Controller compatible enabling control using any ISOBUS capable display. Pair with Raven Viper 4+ or CR7 for enhanced user experience
  • Rate control of up to 5 Products, section control up to 16 on/off sections, and fan RPM, fan/bin/hydraulic pressure (with custom alerts) and low bin level monitoring
  • Raven OmniSeed technology enables on-the-go seed rate changes
  • Hydraulic or electric motor options for split meters providing curve compensation
  • Pair with third-party scale solution for simplified user-aided as-applied product calibration and in-cab monitoring
  • ISOBUS Auxiliary Display available to initiate remote catch test calibration and view tank weights
  • Easily add liquid fertilizer, NH3 and/or Sidekick Pro Direct Injection to the system