Implement Steering

Implement Steering Solution

Varying soil conditions, uneven loads or hilly terrain, such conditions may exercise considerable influence on the implement. Particularly in row cultivation this cannot be corrected by tractor steering alone.

Raven Europe (formally SBG Precision Farming) was one of the first manufacturers to recognize the importance of implement steering in these situations and developed a solution. SBGuidance Implement enables repeated field operations to be performed with unparalleled accuracy. In high-quality vegetables and organic crops steering the implement rather than the tractor offers new possibilities.

Planting and seeding activities are performed with unparalleled accuracy and subsequent operations like mechanical weed control, ridging or band spraying match up perfectly. Crop damage caused by steering errors or too narrow row spacing are eliminated.

Dual Steering Solution

Take control with SBGuidance TWIN for dual tractor and implement steering.

SBGuidance TWIN utilizes the versatile Viper® 4 platform. The steering system measures the position of both the tractor and the implement through their own individual GPS antennas. Because the tractor movements often differ from the implement, both are also equipped with a unique DynamIQ terrain compensation. Various steering options of the system include SideShift steering, draw bar steering, rear wheel steering, or disc coulters.

TWIN control can be used for a wide variety of implements. Mounted equipment such as ridgers, planters or hoeing machines, but also for towed potato planters or (offset) steering harvesters TWIN is a perfect solution.