SBGuidance AUTO

Universal application

This unique assisted steering system maintains perfect row spacing, while offering next pass reminders and adjusting the planting distance of your implement. With SBGuidance, man and machine perform optimally. This steering system is comprised of robust SBGuidance components that have been proven under tough conditions. Compatible with brands of different sizes and colors, SBGuidance Auto integrates seamlessly between your fleet of machines.

The steering is fully integrated into the vehicle. Only the Viper® 4+ display and the GPS antenna must be transferred – no calibrating or settings changes needed. Using the GPS on multiple vehicles allows a rapid return on investment.

SBGuidance AUTO is fully compatible with factory-installed GPS-ready systems such as all John Deere AutoTrac Ready tractors, AGCO Auto Guide/Varioguide, Claas Autopilot, New Holland Intellisteer and CASE Accuguide. This way SBGuidance can be used for both the newly purchased tractor and for the existing machinery already on the farm.

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Compatible with factory-installed GPS-ready systems

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