In addition to software for ploughing through the furrow, the SBGuidance system also has a solution for onland ploughing. Essential with onland ploughing is a good juncture of the first couter on the last pass. So for onland ploughing driving straight next to the furrow is fundamental. Keeping the furrow straight is equally as important.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly accurate thanks to double steering control
  • Straight and level ploughing optimizes all of the following operations
  • Full control via the Viper® 4+ TWIN display
  • Perfect ploughing on curves and wedges


Onland Plough is operated through the Viper® 4+ TWIN display making it easy to use. Both tractor and plough have their own GPS-antenna to read their position, because the tractor moves separately from the plough. The tractor is hydraulically steered by SBGuidance AUTO. The plough has its own active hydraulic steering, so that the furrow will be straight. Especially on variegated soil the plow width is less constant. SBGuidance Onland Plough makes it possible for the plough to steer parallel to the furrow.

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