SideShift steering uses a hydraulic cylinder between the tractor and the implement. Placing a GPS antenna on the implement allows you to see the location of the implement and based on its location, the SideShift cylindar adjusts the implement either to the left or right.

The cylinder can be mounted on the implement, or if it needs to be exchanged between different implements, a standard SideShift Implement Frame can be used. This frame can be mounted on the tractor and each machine can be mounted behind it.

Three types of cylinders are available:

  • 3.5 tons
  • 4.5 tons
  • 8 tons


SideShift-only allows you to control the tractor manually and let SBGuidance steer the implement.


TWIN SideShift is a combination of automatic tractor steering and automatic implement steering, all controlled from one Viper® 4+ TWIN field computer. A secondary GPS antenna, mounted on the implement, knows the location of the implement. Based on this location, the cylinder will be adjusted to the left or right.

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