SBG Software Modules

SBG systems and Viper® 4+ terminal together form a flexible platform. This makes it possible to implement specific software solutions for special applications. SBG has several software modules available, as well as the possibility for future expansion of the electronics or hardware.

Trial Field Module

For the specific work at breeding companies SBG has developed a trial field module. The seeding and planting job can now be performed much more quickly, easily and accurately. The Trial Field Module enables the rapid creation of: 

  • Angled headlands
  • Plots fields of the correct length
  • Correct interval spacing
  • Driving paths in both axes
  • Spray paths

The intensive and time consuming stake out can be omitted, as the trial field module keeps track of it all for you.

Grid Module

This module allows a fixed grid pattern to be selected. At a grid point, an action can be triggered: giving an alarm, a light signal or starting a drill or punch holes. The grid module enables you to plant trees at the correct distance in a square or triangular grid, or set poles for fruit trees. The manual stake out is no longer necessary.

SmartProfiler - Leveling Module

Well-drained fields are essential for a successful crop. SmartProfiler helps you to get your fields in perfect shape. The first step is to record a height map of the field. Next is to set up the desired slopes and their orientation. The design is now carefully carried out by the leveling software, taking care that the scraper is always held at exactly the right depth. On the Viper 4+ display the user has a perfect overview of the progress made and can always manually override the height control of the scraper.

Crop Registration Module

The crop registration module is the ideal assistant to capture in detail the location and size of different crop species and varieties. The crop registration module comes with the office suite Field Manager. This allows the collected data to be easily processed and exported to Google Earth (.kml) or spreadsheet files (.csv).

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