Built for Go Time

Complete control of your ag retail operations. Unbeatable performance in the field and the office. One simple tech platform that fits you (not the other way around). Whatever it looks like. Whenever it hits. However you define it. Go Time Means Slingshot®.

Slingshot is a suite of connected hardware, software, and logistical services that optimize planning, executing, and recording field applications. Slingshot also delivers unrivaled connectivity to RTK correction signals, online services, sophisticated data management capabilities, precision ag equipment and live in-field support and service.

  • Job Generator - setup jobs in the office and dispatch to Viper 4
  • Job Sync - share live coverage between machines in the same job
  • Slingshot RTK - provides reliable RTK correction streaming
  • Fleet View - a simple tool to see where everything is at glance
  • Slingshot Link - manage Raven field computer software wirelessly
  • File Transfer - reduce the risk of data loss without the need for a thumb drive
  • Remote Support - log in and see exactly what the operator sees an identify the issue more efficiently
  • Field Hub 2.0 - connects the operator, managers and Slingshot support to each other via the Internet and puts a complete web experience on your Raven field computer

AgSync Logistics

Introducing a stunning new breadth of next-generation power for your retail application business. With proven logistics advantages in the AgSync suite of technologies, Slingshot® is your complete source of performance and power.

Count on every feature you know and every innovation you expect from the precision ag leaders at Raven. Then add dozens more features — blend order, pest management, agronomist and operator tools, and much, much more. Slingshot delivers it all in one simple, comprehensive package that keeps you ready for Go Time.

Discover AgSync

Seeing is believing. Have one of our experts take you through the Slingshot platform and show you how to get your operation ready for Go Time — no matter when, where, or how it hits. Learn about our flexible subscription packages for different lines of service to get the right fit for your operation. It's easy, with no obligation, and could be the first step in a big change for your agribusiness.