Does the Work for "U"

The Dot® Power Platform™ completes farm tasks autonomously so that the farmer can spend more time focusing on the farm operations. Dot’s U-shaped frame facilitates the direct loading of a wide variety of easily interchangeable implements, like a seeder, sprayer, or spreader.

Once loaded on the power platform, the implement “becomes one” with the mobile diesel-powered platform and gets to work. Dot is easily operated utilizing a tablet that communicates to the Dot unit(s) through the cellular network. Dot can run in full autonomous mode or by remote control.

How does Dot work?

The farmer uses a computer program to generate a path plan for each field. The path plan covers every foot of on-field movement to sub-inch accuracy. Once the boundary and obstacle information is loaded, the path plan only takes about 15 seconds to develop on the software. The path plan must be farmer approved and can be altered at any time to satisfy changing field conditions.


  • Improves operational consistency for seeding, spraying and spreading
  • Reduces input costs
  • Improves crop quality and yield
  • Decreases fuel requirements
  • Reduces the potential for accidents
  • Creates the potential for 24/7 operations
  • Opportunities for multi-Dot coordination
  • Makes the entire operation more efficient
  • More money in your pocket


  • U-shaped frame integrates the any implement built to be Dot-Ready
  • Operate one or multiple Dot units with using a single tablet device
  • Can be run in full autonomous mode in fields or by remote control in yards or equipment sheds
  • Alter path plan any time to satisfy changing field conditions
  • Short- and long-range sensors detect obstacles

Dot-Ready Implements



Fully-integrated autonomous precision seed and fertilizer metering and unbeatable product placement gets crops off to a great start. Features a 30-foot working width and a tank capacity of 340 bushels for seed, fertilizer, and inoculant needs.



The first fully autonomous granular nutrient applicator. It has a capacity of 10 mt (287 cu ft) and comes equipped with 16-section swath width control, last pass control, and independent spinner control.



Keeps your product application running smoothly without cab, chassis, and tires. The 1,600 US gallon stainless steel tank and 120-foot aluminum booms with individual nozzle control make this a must-add to your Dot-ready fleet.

Additional implements coming soon!

More Accurate and Attentive Than Any Human

Dot uses short- and long-range sensors for obstacle detection of people, pets, livestock, crops, and other equipment. If Dot detects a safety concern or deviates from the path plan, it stops immediately, alerts the operator, and awaits the farmer’s next command.

There are three ways of remotely stopping Dot:

  1. Tablet
  2. Remote controller
  3. A safety remote E-stop

The autonomous mode cannot be activated if any portion of the implement is outside of the selected “farmer-approved” no-go boundary in any field.

Partnership Opportunities

As we revolutionize the Dot platform, we are hungry for validation support partners and diverse implement prospects.

Partner with Us

Validation Partnerships

Our Validation Program currently consists of growers and grower-focused learning institutions able to run, monitor, and test the Dot application in real time and in real-world farming situations.

O.E. Implement Partnerships

Dot’s open "U" platform can accommodate a variety of implements — for the farmland or other fields. We are currently working with O.E. suppliers that sell add-on implements that can be adapted to run on the Dot Power Platform.