Machine View

See everything in real time

Slingshot Portal

Machine View gives you simple, powerful control over the performance of your entire fleet of Base Stations and Field Hubs by letting you monitor their current status, including signal strength, and historical data like vehicle path history.

From Machine View you can select any Slingshot Field Hub sold or owned by your dealership to see last positions and check signal strengths, battery voltage, direction (latitude/longitude) and velocity. You can even customize your map preferences and check Fleet View from anywhere you can get online.

  • A simple tool to see where everything is at a glance
  • Each Slingshot device reports it’s position every 30 seconds
  • Know where your fleet is at all times
  • See if they are in jobs, idle, or active
  • Keep track of everything with full screen view
  • Historical tracking for path recreation
  • Route work to the machines that closest to the field

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