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One of Slingshot’s most powerful tools is less obvious than our Field Hub or Raven Hardware, but it will change the way you do business: the Slingshot® API.

API is short for “Application Programming Interface.” It’s a software-to-software interface that lets one software system communicate with another. The value this kind of interface can produce for end-users is enormous.

You don’t have to be a programmer to appreciate the nearly endless ways you can put the Slingshot® API to work for you on your terms. You’ll see it in the features and performance of new products or services software companies can now develop specifically for your own operation.

API Partners

Slingshot has partnered with eight companies to provide you the best service and software solutions in the industry. Slingshot works in a culture of collaboration with leading agriculture software and application providers.

  • AgCommand™ by Agco Corp
  • OnSite™ by AgIntegrated™
  • AgJunction Cloud Services by AgJunction®
  • AgStudio™ by MapShots Inc.
  • Agvance® by Software Solutions Integrated, LLC
  • SST Summit® Professional and Sirrus™ by SST Software
  • AgFleet® by ZedX Incorporated

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