Virtual Thumb Drive

Eliminate the thumb drive and connect all displays

In order to transfer files between field computers, users currently must use a physical USB drive. This is inconvenient and unrealistic when we consider sharing files across many field computers. To eliminate this inconvenience, Virtual Thumb Drive™ (VTD) allows users to share files with only an internet connection.

VTD is a feature that allows easy data transfer between field computers with the CRX Operating System. The data generated in the field by the machines is stored in the cloud, and all information can be transferred to the field computers through the VTD. When creating and linking the cloud account to the field computer, users can transfer data between VTD without the need for a physical USB drive.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy data transfer between CRX field computers
  • Field-generated data is stored in the cloud
  • Data can be accessed through the web page on the computer or mobile device
  • Time saving
  • Improved operation efficiency
  • Compatible for CRX field computers, CR7™ and CR12™

Supported File Types