A flexible, scalable, and connected toolset

AgSync Portal

AgSync also delivers innovations for ag retailers, aerial applicators, foresters, seed companies, and enterprise farmers to meet and beat the tough assignment of managing large fleets, multiple locations, limited personnel and more.

With the brawn of AgSync’s feature set added to our industry-leading connectivity and data transfer, Slingshot sets the standard for planning, compliance, efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, support, safety, insight and more.

A flexible, scalable, and connected toolset that fits perfectly with Slingshot’s data transfer power. Our logistics system streamlines the way your agribusiness works, communicates, and adds new value to partners. More than 10 years of customer success proves AgSync’s ability to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximize the utilization of every asset.

Work Order Management

  • Field Mapping
  • Organized Field List
  • Work Order Creation
  • Work Order Approval
  • Contract Approval
  • Service Provider Assignment
  • Sensitive Drift Areas
  • Record Compliance

Dispatch & Asset Control

  • Schedule Work Orders
  • Assign Personnel
  • Assign Equipment
  • Monitor Work
  • Monitor Assets
  • Monitor Personnel
  • Application Tracking
  • Application Details

Reports & Notifications

  • Live Work Order Updates
  • Spatial Activity View
  • Job Status Notification
  • Traceability Reporting
  • Application Record
  • Compliance
  • Completion Approval

API Web Service

  • Avoid Duplicate Entry
  • ERP Order Exchange
  • ERP Order Updates
  • Agronomy Ordering
  • Guidance System Exchange
  • ERP Invoice Creation
  • Integration Support

With Slingshot®, aerial applicators gain the same flexible, scalable, connected toolset that ground applicators enjoy. This tech platform can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximize the utilization of every type of asset, whether it is in the air or on the ground.

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