Dispatch Pro

The unmatched scheduling platform

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We know having to manage multiple people, and pieces of equipment across many locations is difficult. Which is why Dispatch Pro was created specifically for you. To lessen or eliminate many of those burdens.

Advantages of Dispatch Pro

  • View in-route, active and idle equipment status
  • Know when assets are not working, reassign to where needed
  • Dispatch across locations
  • Improved filtering, ability to filter by multiple filters at a time
  • Improved prioritization on the map
  • Assign jobs with a click of the button
  • Operation colors are based on filter group
  • Work syncs immediately to Viper 4+ or the Field Ops app
  • Custom completion requirements by operation
  • Custom CSV report
  • Add tags to order
  • Order History timeline
  • API integrations

“Without Dispatch Pro, we would have to use a wall map to make the most efficient use of equipment and logistics, routing our machines daily, which consumes many hours of your day. Dispatch Pro cuts the time substantially — just click and drag work orders to equipment.”

— Nick Larsen, West Agronomy Operations Leader, StateLine Cooperative

Field Ops Mobile App

Retrieve and Complete Work Orders From Anywhere

  • Jobs instantly load in assigned order to simplify the process
  • Filter work by equipment so you only see what you need to work on
  • Directions to field
  • Asset location returns to Dispatch Pro for monitoring work in progress
  • Easy start and stop application controls
  • Completion data instantly syncs back into Dispatch Pro for back office verification and billing
  • Works exclusively with the Dispatch Pro platform

Dispatch Pro is newest addition to the Slingshot platform. Enabling the industry’s first and truly complete Connected Workflow

Users gain an average of 20% efficiencies when they use Raven’s Slingshot™ platform to create a Connected Workflow™