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The precision and power of Slingshot® RTK comes from its breakthrough wireless connectivity with cell phone networks. With the power of Slingshot RTK correction signals, operators no longer have to worry about line-of-sight obstructions. Hills, valleys, trees, buildings or other structures are suddenly irrelevant.

The days of being limited by the range of radio transmitters, most of which are good for only five to ten miles, are over. Dealers who provide Slingshot RTK service can forget about installing an army of radio transmitters. Cell towers are your new antennas. With a single base station, you can deliver RTK correction data over the Internet through those towers to vehicle operators.

Slingshot® is compatible with major cell phone technologies. It means an order-of-magnitude increase in the area you can serve with a single RTK correction source; and customers in regions that previously didn’t have access to RTK technology can now upgrade their operation to a new level of precision.

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If you find even an inch of your land off the grid, contact us so that we can help you achieve total coverage.

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