Operator Pro

Keep everyone informed, whatever their location

It’s like mission control in the palm of your hand: Operator PRO is an app for users in the field that covers their entire workflow, including application and completion, delivery and load, and blend and sales ticket.

Operator PRO lets users remotely see and organize work orders in an easy-to-use interface. Operators can track and share spray movement data for as-applied maps, as wells as review their own completed field records and edit if necessary.

Mobile Work Order

Users of the app can see all their work orders in the field, in an easy to use interface. Multiple filter and sorting options available to organize the work the way they need it.

Application is easy with one click start and stop right on the map. Entered completion data is streamlined with the auto-load weather feature. Once finished your completion data is automatically synced back into AgSync and ready for processing. The swath feature enables operators to track spray movement and send the data back to AgSync for as-applied maps. This eliminates the need for sending log files back to office, the results are gathered from the apps gps location at time of application. In addition Operator Pro users can review their own completed field records and edit if necessary.

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