Simple section control pays for itself

With a wireless receiver and remote control option, you can check each section by yourself outside the cab. This handy accessory saves time and fuss and lets you turn each boom section on and off while you’re standing right there to see.

Greater fuel and chemical savings, faster spraying times, ease-of-operation and more accurate spraying all add up quickly to improve your return on investment each and every season. Dollar for dollar, AccuBoom offers the fastest payback in precision ag equipment. AccuBoom automatic section control is your best protection against rising input costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic on-off control for up to 10 sections
  • Eliminate costly skips and overlaps
  • Adjustable look ahead function lets you adjust settings easily for the overlap you choose
  • Speed compensation function accounts for how fast you are driving and ensures properly timed shut-off
  • Optional remote control to help check nozzles quickly

Operation Weed Eradication

Raven's technology features solutions for consideration as per holistic approach defined by Operation Weed Eradication.